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New designs are released every month. Choose something subtle to make your pool unique, or create an entire underwater seascape. There's no limit to your imagination.

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Glow Mosaic Bundles

Sometime you gotta go big. Our Glow Mosaic Bundles allow you to... 

Installation is EASY for Your Builder

  • Step 1: Bonding

    Trowel a layer of quick-dry ThinSet to set a base for the placement of your glow mosaic.

  • Step 2: Setting

    Unpackage your glow mosaic and press the mosaic mesh side down into your troweled ThinSet layer.

  • Step 3: Secure

    Press tiles down randomly using a metal or plastic straightedge. Using a trowel, gently trowel the excess mesh into the Thinset. Allow to dry.