Copperband ButterflyFish Glow-in-the-Dark Mosaic - 2-Pack

  • $220.50

Create an underwater glow-in-the-dark seascape in your pool!

Element Glo Glow-in-the-Dark Mosaics are innovative, hand-made works of art that can be installed within various surfaces. By day, they provide a colorful contrast to the surface they are installed in and, by night, glow in the dark to seem as though they are floating.

This Copperband ButterflyFish Mosaic 2-Pack includes two Copperband ButterflyFish facing left and right.

    Each mosaic is:

    • Individually hand-made and not produced by any machinery - thus making them truly unique to your application.
    • Water and muriatic acid proof - making them ideal for pools and spas.
    • Available in various sizes - most of our mosaics are, or will be, available in three to four varying sizes to provide a variety of compositional choices.
    • Designed by professional artists.
    • Guaranteed to glow every night for the lifetime of the surface for which they are installed.
    • Shipped to you securely - each mosaic is secured to a mesh for efficient installation (similar to tile installation) and protected between soft foam panels to ensure your mosaic(s) arrive fully protected.

    Installation instructions are included with your order.

    * Colors may vary slightly.

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