Firefly Glow in the Dark Aggregates - Sky Blue Daytime

  • $56.00

You are viewing daytime SKY BLUE crystals with a nighttime FIREFLY glow.

Our Element Glo Aggregates are premium grade, non-toxic aggregates that are made only from the purest oxides. When exposed to sunlight during the day (or any light source), the aggregates build up a charge. At night, or in the dark, the aggregates emit a beautiful, neon-like glow. These glow in the dark crystals come in a variety of sizes and colors, and are perfect for a wide range of applications From swimming pools to concrete walkways to bbq countertops.

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Mix Definitions:
Mix 1 (Larger concrete projects and larger pool pebble surfaces) - 20% large / 40% medium / 40% small
Mix 2 (Smaller concrete projects, countertops, smaller pool pebble surfaces and spas) - 20% medium / 40% small / 40% fine
Mix 3 (Epoxy or resin coatings) - 20% small / 40% fine / 30% extra fine / 10% ultra-fine
Ultra Fine - Similar to grains of sugar - for overall coverage.

*All mixes are optimized for the best visual presentation when installed correctly.

Size Definitions:
Large - 
approximately 1/4" - about the size of a pencil eraser.
Medium - approximately 3/16"
Small - approximately 1/8"
Fine - approximately 1/16"
Extra Fine - approximately 1/32"
Ultra-Fne - approximately 1/64" - about the size of a grain of sugar.

Proper Amount:
Normal Saturation: 1lb per 40 square feet of surface.
High Saturation: 1lb per 30 square feet of surface.
Extreme Saturation: 1lb per 20 square feet of surface.

Proper Planning:
Order 7 to 10 business days prior to installation. An extra charge for expedited delivery may apply if ordered too close to the installation date.

Proper Installation:
Please do not mix aggregates into cement or plaster. Doing this will hide 95% of your aggregates. Glow in the dark aggregate crystals must be spread or cast on the surface and troweled into the surface for best results. When applied within transparent epoxy coatings, you may mix the aggregates in for best results.

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