Glow Stones - Blue Daytime

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You are viewing daytime GRAY aggregates with your choice of nighttime glow.

For daytime GRAY, go HERE.
For daytime OFF-WHITE, go HERE.

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Element Glo Glow Stones are premium grade, non-toxic, resin-based stones that are made only from the purest oxides. When exposed to sunlight during the day (or any light source), the aggregates build up a charge. At night, or in the dark, the aggregates emit a beautiful, neon-like glow. These glow in the dark stones arrive to you in sizes 1/4" to 1" in length in your choice of nighttime glow: Glacier (Electric Blue), Firefly (Kryptonite Green), or Aqua (Turquoise). Glow Stones are perfect for a wide range of applications from concrete walkways to terrazzo floors.

All Element Glo Aggregates and Stones glow throughout the entire body of the aggregates and not just on the surface. Perfect for grinding or polishing for flat surface application.

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Size Definitions:
Glow Stones range in size from 1/4" to 1" in length.*

*For smaller aggregates, please go to Glow Aggregates.

Proper Amount:
Normal Saturation: 1lb per 40 square feet of surface.
High Saturation: 1lb per 30 square feet of surface.
Extreme Saturation: 1lb per 20 square feet of surface.

Proper Planning:
Order 7 to 10 business days prior to installation. An extra charge for expedited delivery may apply if ordered too close to the installation date.

Proper Installation:
Please do not mix glow stones into cement or plaster. Doing this will hide 95% of your stones. Glow in the dark stones must be spread or cast on the surface and troweled into the surface for best results. When applied within transparent epoxy coatings, you may mix the aggregates in for best results.

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