Glow in the Dark Flakes - White Daytime / Firefly Nighttime

  • $119.00

Order in bulk and save up to 40%. For orders above 40 lbs, please call 888-883-1308.

Element Glo Glow Flakes are decorative paint chips that can enhance the aesthetic qualities of various flooring applications. Apply Element Glo Flakes to your garage floor, office flooring, studio floor, and more to create a starry night effect when the lights are off. For maximum charge, install a UV light in the room when you are applying Element Glo Glow Flakes.

Element Glo Glow Flakes are paper thin and perfect for clear coat floor or fiberglass surface applications.

Size Availability: 1/4" and 1/8"

Practical Application*:
Sporadically cast small amounts of Element Glo Flakes to a painted, wet base coat, gelcoat or clear epoxy so that the chips stick to the wet surface. Apply until desired coverage is achieved and let your base coat dry. To lock flakes in place, apply a clear gelcoat or epoxy sealer after your base coat is dry.

Application Suggestion:
To create a starry night effect, order the "Starry Night Mix." This mix contains Glow Flakes that vary in size from 1/4" to 1/8".

Purchase Quantity - 1/4" Color Flakes*:
Normal Saturation - ~1 lb per 400 sq. ft.
Medium Saturation - ~2 lbs per 400 sq. ft.
Heavy Saturation - ~4 lbs per 400 sq. ft.

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