Element Glo Crystal Sample Pack

Element Glo Crystal Sample Pack

  • $25.00

Want to see the crystals in person? This beautiful Element Glo Crystals Sample Pack supplies the perfect visual to help you determine how our glow in the dark crystals will look when installed in your walkway, swimming pool, or other special projects.

Your sample pack comes complete with a booklet that helps you determine the most appropriate crystal mix for your project as well as six tubes of various size crystals and color combinations. Simply open the box and place the crystals outside during the day for one minute. Then return to a dark room or closet in your house or office and see how bright the crystals glow. Leave the box in the room overnight and see for yourself how the crystals glow throughout the night.

NOTE: This Element Glo Crystals Sample Pack is a perfect accompaniment for sales teams looking to add Element Glo products to their portfolio of products and services.

Order your sample pack today, and we'll refund you the cost of your sample pack when you place your first order of 10 lbs or more of Element Glo Crystals. (a $25 value!)

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